Wednesday’s Child — Sarah Dorwart

Sarah Dorwart was one of George and Sarah (Nixdorf) Dorwart’s daughters, they are my maternal great-great-great grandparents. Sarah died from a boiler explosion while she was working at the Fulton Cotton Mill in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on July 13, 1867. She didn’t die right away, but eventually died from her injuries.

This is so sad. Sarah was only 15 years old. There was also an 11 year old killed. He was working because his father was unable to work.

Yes, the days before child labor laws, when children went to work to keep the family afloat and were killed on the job. Very sad.

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Wednesday’s Child – Aaltje Dekker

I was cleaning a closet recently and found a binder of all of the tombstone pictures I took when my father and I visited cemeteries – oh, maybe thirty or so years ago????  Even though there are a lot of tombstone photos on Find a Grave, I’m glad I found the binder.

Today’s tombstone is from Mt. Greenwood Cemetery and for a little girl, Aaltje Dekker. She was the child of Abram and Henrietta (Vinke) Dekker. Abram was one of the sons of Arie and Aaltje (Schoon) Dekker, my paternal great-grandparents, and I assume she was named after her grandmother. Aaltje was born on July 12, 1888 and died on October 1, 1889. Such a short life… 

The tombstone is quite ornate, with Dutch writing on it, but I can’t decipher what it says except below her name are her birth and death dates. This is why I’m glad I found my tombstone photos because of what it looks like now:

Source: Glen H. DeYoung

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