Wednesday Weddings — Bass

This is the marriage certificate for my maternal grandparents, William Peter Bass and Madeline (Schoudel) Bishop (“Pap and Gram”), married on October 18, 1941. I love these old marriage certificates, they’re so beautiful.

They were married at St. Willibrod Catholic Church in Roseland. Witnesses were Pap’s sister, Ruth, and her husband Bob Smith. I swiped this photo off of a FB thread, it was taken in 1909. The church was organized in 1900 and located at 114th and Edbrooke.

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Wednesday Weddings – Jan Verkruisjen and Janke de Graaf

These are photos of records from 1845 from the Netherlands from the marriage of my paternal great-great-great-great grandparents, Jan Verkruisjen and Janke de Graaf. Jan and Janke were married on December 28, 1845 in Leeuwarden, located in Friesland. Jan was 27 years old, and worked as a “koopman”, which means “merchant”, and Janke was 22 years old.

I found these on one of my favorite websites, WieWasWie.

(Ignore the left page)

I’m confused about the names, but Dutch names confuse me. Is it Jankese Graaf or Janke de Graaf? I’m guessing Janke was a shortened version of Jankese but why are they different on the marriage record?  Surnames can also be confusing. I know many surnames used prefixes, like “de”, which means “the”. When I read about Dutch surnames, I found out they did not become mandatory in the Netherlands until 1811, when Napoleon required them, so then everyone had to choose a surname, which could be absolutely anything. Many chose the patronymic surname their male head of household was using, others chose surnames based on their occupation, place of origin or other things. According to some resources, De Graaf is an occupational surname, and was the most common name in 2007. It means “the count”. It also appears Verkruissen was actually Verkruisjen way back when and the Americanized version became Verkruissen.

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Wednesday Weddings — Ooms/Yff

Today’s photo is of Nicholas Yff and Agnes Ooms, who were married on August 20, 1921 in Chicago (I’m presuming Roseland). They are my great uncle and aunt on my father’s side.

Source: Collection of Janet Ruth Myers

Again, I will give credit where credit is due, this comes from Ancestry in public member trees from one of my father’s cousins. Thank you!

What I love most about wedding photos are the different fashions. Although this photo is not very clear, just the veil/hat is so interesting. The other thing I love are the flowers!

Wednesday Weddings – Ooms/DeVries

This photo is of Harry Ooms and Jennie DeVries — my great aunt and uncle on my father’s side. This would have been taken on May 5, 1910 in Chicago, which is the date I have in my records for their wedding.

Source: Collection of Janet Ruth Myers

I will give credit where credit is due – I found this in a public member tree on Ancestry, from the genealogy collection of one of my father’s cousins and Harry and Jennie’s granddaughter. I don’t have many photos going back that far so it’s quite a find. Thank you!!

Wednesday Weddings

Last week I posted a photo of the wedding of my paternal grandparents. This week, I’m posting a photo from the wedding day of my maternal grandparents – William “Bill” Bass and Madeline “Madge” Schoudel Bishop. I like this photo so much too, it was taken outside in Roseland in 1941, my father believes behind Bill’s parents house at 114 S. Stewart. It was during the war years so big, fancy weddings weren’t common at that time. The interesting thing about this is I always thought their wedding anniversary was on October 18th (my father’s birthday so always easy to remember that date). The vital statistics records from Cook County have the date listed as October 15th.

This is also on my red wall, which is why it’s not perfectly straight, it’s a photo from me taking a picture from my cell phone, as the real photo is anchored on the wall. My grandfather was only 22, and my grandmother was 30, a widow with a very young daughter.

Wednesday weddings

What a beautiful photo, this is one of my favorites and it is on the red wall with all of my other family photos. These are my grandparents on my father’s side, Simon and Lena (Kros) Ooms on their wedding day. They were married on June 20, 1923 in Roseland. The little flower girl is Simon’s niece, Alyce Sluis, and the best man is his brother, Casper William Ooms. Lena’s bridesmaid is her sister, Anna Kros.

Lately, alot of people are coloring the black and white or sepia photos of their family but I would never change them. It’s part of what makes old family photos so special.