FamilyTreeDNA results

While I was sick with Covid-19, FamilyTreeDNA sent my autosomal and ethnicity results. Now that I’m getting better, I can review it. Let’s start with the ethnicity results —

Between FamilyTreeDNA, Ancestry and 23andme, all have shown a substantial amount in the central European region, i.e., Germany, Netherlands, France, which makes sense because I am very Dutch and German on paper. FamilyTreeDNA is interesting because it shows a much higher percentage from England, Wales and Scotland, and a little higher Scandinavian. The West Slavic/Eastern Europe would be my Polish side. All of them are around the same as to geographical areas where I am from, except Ancestry shows no eastern European. The most interesting thing about this test is Magyar, which I had never heard of (and there’s hardly anything there anyway). Magyar is Hungarian. The only time I’ve seen Hungary come up is through Gedmatch, when it showed what my ancient origins (supposedly) are. My Gedmatch results are from the raw data from 23andme. Gedmatch goes deeper than five generations back.

As for my cousin matches, FamilyTreeDNA is interesting because I notice a lot, lot, lot of Swedish names. For instance, there are a lot of Johannson surnames, Anderson surnames, and when I do a search for Larsdotter, there are about 14 connections to that name. So hopefully it will help me to explore my Swedish side. There were no interesting aha moments with the matches.

The next thing is interesting — my ancient origins. I carry DNA from three ancient European groups:  8% Metal Age Invader; 38% Farmer; and 54% Hunter-Gatherer.

The Metal Age is the Bronze Age (prehistoric); the Farmer is from the Neolithic era (about 12000 years ago)); and the Hunter-Gatherer is from the Mesolithic and Neolitic era (up to 9000 BC). Very interesting!

Thanks for reading!

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