One year blogiversary!

Happy first anniversary to my blog !!

Yes, I started my blog one year ago today. Even though I don’t have alot of readers, I appreciate those I have and will keep blogging as long as I have things to blog about. Genealogy is really a never-ending hobby, so we’ll see how long this goes!

What do I see in the next year for my blog? Probably more posts on DNA as I am working more and more in the DNA realm. I also plan on posting more photos of family, probably photos from a trip or two to cemeteries, and other goodies.

Speaking of DNA (again), I was trying to figure out a puzzle over the weekend in my DNA results from 23andme. For every match, you can click on the ‘relatives in common’ feature and it will show relatives in common with that match and you. Since my father recently took a DNA test through 23andme, it segregates if my matches are from his side or my mother’s side, I love that feature. Anyway, lately, I have been finding some cousin matches to both my father and my mother.

For example, I was looking at the profile of a third cousin of mine on my father’s side. The strange thing I first noticed is he has a variation of my mother’s haplogroup. I’ll have to dive into that at some point, but I clicked on the relatives in common feature. The matches come up in order of closeness, so the first two were my father and daughter, that makes sense. The third match was a first cousin on my father’s side, that also makes sense. That’s when it got really weird, the fourth and fifth matches were a first cousin once removed and a second cousin on my MOTHER’s side, who are also fourth and fifth cousins to Jim. This also happened to three other matches.

So this most likely means there are multiple ways we are related. It’s possible it could be the result (without doing extensive research) of the two Ton brothers I mentioned in a long ago post. Two brothers married into the two lines of my family: Jacob married into my mother’s side of the family, and his brother, Cornelis, married into my father’s side of the family. I won’t know until I figure it out. I started to work on it but I think I may need a big whiteboard or something to plot this out and make sense of it!

Thanks for reading!

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