Nerd work odds and ends

A huge happy birthday to my mother! Happy Birthday Mom!!!

During the New Year’s Day weekend with three glorious days off, I spent some time doing what I call “nerd work”. Working on my genealogy of course, and entering information into a new database I found some information on, Genome Mate Pro.

I’m in a couple of genealogy groups on Facebook and someone suggested this database, sometimes those genealogists are very clever and have great ideas! Since I am waiting for DNA results from a third company (but this time mtdna, not autosomal), I was trying to think of a way to keep track of all of my DNA cousin matches in one place. I’m really horrible at spreadsheets so that kicks out Excel, plus I want to not have to do all of the work and wanted to have a way to import those matches from each company into something. Hence, Genome Mate Pro.  This data management program stores information on relatives and their associated autosomal DNA data. I was a little overwhelmed when I first started looking at it, because the learning curve is very steep, but the creator (Becky Mason Walker thank you!) of the database recorded short 5-6 minute videos so I was able to basically muddle my way through it that way and import all of the DNA matches I have so far. The only thing now that I have to do is to identify who everyone is and where they go, i.e., paternal or maternal side, which ancestor, etc. That is a huge amount of work but alot less than I wanted so that’s good.

I’m still trying to master the DNA thing, and have a great book for it, but am having trouble just mastering the book:

Fortunately, there is a very nice person in one of the FB groups that has volunteered at low cost to give ten weekly zoom “lessons” starting in February to a bunch of us. It’s really perfect timing for me since about that time I should be getting my mtdna results back from FamilyTreeDNA. I definitely need as much help with it as I can to completely understand genetic genealogy.

Thanks for reading!

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