Fun DNA Stuff!

My father finally got his DNA tested! It’s really interesting to see someone’s DNA versus paper genealogy results and people make alot of assumptions and some are very disappointed when they get their results.

Looking at the paper genealogy for my father, one would think all of his DNA would be French and German (the tests do not categorize Dutch yet), and he does have 77.3% of that DNA in him, but I was even surprised with a couple of the things.

What’s interesting is how specific his British and Irish DNA is, as it is very specific as to the location of the DNA. The Ashkenazi Jewish is surprising, and the amount of Scandinavian DNA. The biggest surprise of all is Cypriot, which is Greek.

The reason it surprises me is that I basically know his family history on paper going back five/six generations and everyone is from the Netherlands. The Netherlands has an excellent registration system, which goes back through the 1800s. There are a couple of little blanks on the family tree, so I can’t say I know all of his ancestors, and most likely some of that surprising DNA is going to be from just one or two people. But so far I haven’t found any names other than Dutch names. Another puzzle to work on!

Another exciting feature in 23andme is when it has one parent’s DNA, it can show the inheritance from both parents, here is mine:

My father’s DNA is on the left side and mother’s estimation is on the right side. I already know from my paper genealogy that alot of my mother’s family is from the Netherlands and Germany. I also know there is British and Irish on her side, but am surprised by the low amount. I’m not at all surprised by the Eastern European DNA, that 8.6% would be the Polish ancestry from my grandmother’s side. I have no idea where the Scandinavian will come from, it may be tied into the Irish side.

Now one of the things about these DNA tests is they are not 100%. DNA testing like this in it’s infancy stage, and as it evolves and the testing companies get better at it, they change it all. For example, I had a very small amount of Ashkenazi Jewish DNA in me but recently they removed it; and they completely changed my daughter’s DNA results. And you can get different results from the different testing companies. My DNA results from Ancestry is very similar to 23andme’s results when it comes to French and German, British, and Scandinavian DNA, but they recently changed the Irish to Scottish. Go figure.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Fun DNA Stuff!

  1. Cousin Bob Yff, Where did your dad get his DNA? I’m 62 % Scand., the rest NW Europe and British . I found it interesting your dad had north African in his. I have always felt the the Yff’s had black blood in us and also wondered about the Ooms when I saw the pic of the 1st Johanna. She appeared very dark and somewhat negroid. I would be proud to have a drop or 2 of black blood in me as we have black adopted kids. Thanks, Bob


    1. Hello cousin! I know! We have always said she looked very dark and thought the same thing as you! My brother is a little darker skinned and Dad is too, and my sister has a touch, but I’m very fair (dang sunburns), and we’ve always wondered where it comes from. I think Dad finally did it to figure it out and I think he was told by family it was gypsy. He had it done thru 23andMe and is mostly NW European, with 12.5% Scandinavian, 1.6% British, 1.4% Askenazi Jewish, and then the other is .5% Cypriot, which is under the category of Western Asian and North African. The Cypriot is Greek, which we figure gives them the olive skin tone. But when I did a heritage population search thru Gedmatch after downloading my raw data from 23andMe, which goes back centuries, farther back than any of the other DNA companies, it also shows .087% NE African and .02% Subsaharan, so I do believe we have a tiny bit, so you may too. Thanks for sharing! Kari


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