First Annual Shoudel Reunion- 1924

On September 18, 1924, the first annual Shoudel family reunion was held in Indiana one-half mile from St. Michaels Catholic Church, with 157 Shoudels in attendance.

This news clipping is from the September 29, 1924 edition of the Garrett Clipper in Garrett, Indiana. The reunion was held at the home of the oldest living Shoudel at that time, Michael L. Shoudel. He was maternal my great-great grandfather’s (Balthasar) brother, and was 79 years old at that time. Among the attendees I see that my great grandparents were there: “Mr. and Mrs. Edward Shoudel, along with their children, Magdalen (my grandmother, misspelled name), Paul, Edward and Rita”. I think 150 family members is pretty good attendance, quite a large family. I don’t know how many years the reunions were held. By the third year, even though it was well attended, it was much smaller.

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