Albert Bass Family

At this point because of Covid-19, we are unsure what the fall/winter will be like and if we will be able to see our families at holiday time. This photo reminds me of holiday times with my family, except we smile in our photos. It is a photo of the family of Albert Charles and Clara (Schaafsma) Bass, taken about 1937 in Roseland. Albert and Clara are seated in the second and third seats on the right. They are having dinner with their grown daughters, Kathryn, Jean, Ann, their husbands/children, and a couple of Schaafsmas.

Albert is my maternal great-great uncle. He was the oldest of eleven children born to Peter and Katherine/Trijntje (Ambuul) Bass and the brother of my great-grandfather William.

For many years I was on the hunt because I was told that Albert Bass had written a family history of the Bass family. Of course I had dreams of a fabulous book type history with photos and stories and summaries of the family. This is really wishful thinking on the part of many genealogists. Eventually, I got in touch with one of their grandsons and he sent me names and dates of what was passed down. It was good information but alas, disappointing as I already had that information. But it was good to confirm the information. Sigh…..

I don’t know much about Albert or Clara, or their family. I do know Albert was born in 1876, and they were married on October 5, 1898. In 1918 when Albert completed his WWI registration card, he was 42 years old and working as a salesman for the I.B. Williams & Sons Co. in Chicago. He described himself as tall (a definite Bass family trait), with hazel eyes and dark brown hair. He and Clara and their family were living at 58 W. 111th Place in Roseland. This is now where the Christ Temple Cathedral Church parking lot is.

I don’t have a photo of his tombstone, but Albert died on February 10, 1953 in Chicago.

Thanks for reading!

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