15 generation family chart

No, I just can’t quit you. I wanted to post some photos of a quick side project I had done some weeks back when things were quiet and not nutso, and oh, I don’t know, when I had nothing better to do one evening. I find during my research that I have trouble keeping track of how far the family lines are going back, even using my Legacy family software. So I bought one of those massive 15 generation family charts, just to quickly fill in the names I have to show how far I have gotten on each side. This first massive photo is of both my father’s and mother’s direct ancestors (mind you, I continue to work on indirect lines and their families too):

Now I know it’s still hard to see but you get the drift. The upper half is my father’s side, the lower half my mother’s. You can see there is a lot more information completed for my father’s side, going back five and six generations. What really helped there is professional genealogy information and the Netherlands has the best registration records around.

Here’s a closer look at my father’s family above, but grainy and really annoying. Virtually all of the fifth great grandparents are completed and a quarter of the sixth.

My mother’s side above is not so good. This one is more difficult because of the annoying brick walls. Many missing people here, at least half of the fifth great grandparents and a ton of the sixth generation. Still so much work to do!

In the meantime, Ancestry has decided to update their ethnicity estimates again and now I supposedly have Scottish in me. I can’t even find the Irish connections and now need to find Scottish connections? Supposedly it happens because of updated technological and science advances, but every time they do that, it gives me a stomach ache. Oy vey!!! Well that’s not Scottish but you get it. And for some reason right now I am really obsessing about the Irish connection again, but it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But now Ancestry says it’s not Irish, but Scottish, but the Scotland ancestry is part of Northern Ireland and Scotland. And then there’s the UK in there. Ughhh.

This is the area they’re now focused on, I think the DNA is hard to tease and figure out between the three, so I don’t believe the Irish completely disappeared:

Sometimes I think of giving up but it keeps drawing me back. There’s just so much to do!

Thanks for reading! Stay safe and healthy!

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