Roseland founders at a Ton reunion

This photo was taken in 1898 or 1899 in Thornton Grove as part of the Ton Reunion. Those Ton reunions were famous because it was such a huge family, and news of the reunions even made the cover of Life Magazine about 60 years ago. Anyway, at this one, they honored the final five surviving founders of Roseland (all in black):  Mrs. Peter Dalenburg (aka Lijntje VanderSyde); Goris VanderSyde (her brother), and his wife, Engeltje DeJong; Cornelis Kuyper; Nicholas Madderom. Fabulous photo!

Source:  Marie Eenigenburg

I remember saying in a previous blog post that I am not related to two of the Roseland founders, one of them being Leendert VanderSyde — that is incorrect, I am connected in a way. Goris VanderSyde is his son, and Goris’ wife, Engeltje, is Hendrik DeJong’s daughter. He’s the one I just posted a blog about that founded South Holland. Hendrik DeYoung was married to Jannetje (Jane) Ambuul, one of the daughters of my great-great grandfather, Johannes Ambuul.

Again, we are all connected – especially the Dutch!

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Roseland founders at a Ton reunion

  1. I found it interesting that you Vander Syde’s in your relation. I had a friend by the name of Merle V.S. He’s not living anymore.


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