The other day my sister, father and I were texting about Roseland and my sister included a link to the Dennis DeYoung song “Goodbye Roseland“, which is a pretty, sad song when thinking of how much Roseland has changed. Anyway, I said wouldn’t it be really cool if we were related to him as I know we have DeYoungs in our family????

Well, I am sad to say I have found no connection yet to Dennis DeYoung. However, one of our DeYoungs was the founder of another very Dutch enclave in another south side area of Chicago, South Holland. Roseland was known as “DeHooge Prairie”, or “The High Prairie”, and South Holland was known as “DeLaage Prairie”, or “The Low Prairie”.

Source:  Glen H. DeYoung

This is Hendrik Arie DeJong, and he is the grandfather of my great-great uncle, Harry DeYoung. Hendrik (Harry) DeYoung was married to Jannetje (Jane) Ambuul, one of the daughters of my great-great grandfather, Johannes Ambuul. DeYoung is the Americanized version of the DeJong name, but some still keep the DeJong name, as I noticed on my DNA match list.

Apparently Hendrik and his wife, Guurtje (DeVries) DeJong had a massive brood of children (12), and they, along with 11 of them, emigrated from Noordeloos, Netherlands to America in 1847. What I’m amazed at is none of them died, what with cholera being a huge threat on those ships during that time. They were originally going to settle in Wisconsin, but according to the Village of South Holland’s website, Hendrik DeJong purchased 300 acres along the Little Calumet River which is now in what is known as South Holland. They became its first settlers. The community’s first post office came about as a result of Pieter DeJong, Hendrik’s son. In 1860, Hendrik built a combination general store and post office and the post office was recognized by the federal government in 1870. DeLaage Prairie officially became the village of South Holland that year.

The area settled by the Dutch in the south side area includes the communities of Roseland, South Holland, Lansing, Munster, and Highland. So, that makes THREE ancestors I am related to that founded three out of five of these Dutch communities:

     Johannes Ambuul — Roseland
     Hendrik Arie Dekker – South Holland
     Jacob Monster (Munster) – Munster

Have a great fourth!

Thanks for reading!

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