Arthur Conners

I did not know that brothers Harry and Arthur Conner were in contact with their sister, Bertha (Conner) Bass, as adults until recently when talking to my father. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, the siblings (including youngest brother Edward) were split up and sent to different families after their mother, Anna, died in 1903 and their father, Charles, went who knows where. This was quite an exciting revelation!

Although I have Arthur’s death certificate, I’ve had some trouble identifying other records of him until talking with my father. A couple of tidbits: “Art” as he was known, was married to a woman by the name of Lillian, lived in Roseland for awhile, and was missing a couple of fingers. I started looking at some of the records on Ancestry and found some interesting records, one a marriage record, and the other a WWII draft registration card.

The first is a marriage record between Arthur Conners and Lillian K. Morman – they were married in Chicago on July 14, 1942.

On his death certificate, Arthur was identified with the last name of “Conners” instead of “Conner”, and even though there is no birth date or other identifying information in the marriage record, I am going to assume that this is my Arthur and Lillian. There are no other marriage records anywhere that I can find for people with these names. There are also marriage records to a Hazel, but at the present time I believe they may not be connected because the birth dates do not match, but will be looking at those further.

The next record is a WWII draft registration card. There are a couple of draft registration cards floating around on Ancestry that are connected with my Arthur but I believe this is the correct one as the other ones have his birth date as seven years earlier, yet this Arthur’s birth date is exactly the same as my Arthur’s birth date.

The most intriguing thing that makes me believe this is my family’s Arthur besides the birth date is where he identifies obvious physical characteristics on the back of the card:

This Arthur mentioned that he is missing a finger on his left hand. My father and I debated about this, because he thought Art was missing fingers on his right hand, but it is too coincidental. My father also remembers Art as being tall and thin, and this card lists his height as 6’1-1/2″, which is quite tall, and 145 pounds – that weight and height would make this man quite thin. The other draft registration cards list the  height as 5’6″, and well that is not very tall. As height goes, we would know about this — my father is 6’2″ and I am 5’11”, we know tall people when we see them. As it was a few short months before his marriage date, Lillian would most likely not have been mentioned.

I believe based on the birth date and identifying physical characteristics of the hand that this is my Arthur Conners.

Thanks for reading!!

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