Ooms Grocer Connection

In a recent post, I mentioned a connection between my great grandfather, Adam Ooms, a grocer in Roseland, to Richard Ooms, another grocer in Roseland. I had mentioned that my new cousin on that Ooms side had said she was told the families were not related (the way I understand is someone from my side said if it’s “the red-headed ones, we’re not related”). Well, I beg to differ, I went through all of my records again and confirmed everything, and this post outlines that connection.

To begin, Jan Ooms and Neeltje Baas are the common ancestors that connect the two grocers. They are my fourth great grandparents on my father’s side. They had a number of children, among them Adam Ooms (my 3rd great grandfather), and another son named Willem.

This photo is a record of the marriage of Adam Ooms to his wife Nelligje Hogendijk from WieWasWie through Ancestry. I’ve mentioned WieWasWie before, it’s a website which contains registrations for births, marriages and deaths in the Netherlands, and it’s a goldmine. You’ll see Adam’s parents are listed as Jan and Neeltje.

This next photo is a record of the marriage of Willem Ooms and Fija Hogendoorn. Willem’s parents are listed as Jan and Neeltje.

So Adam and Willem are brothers, both born to Jan and Neeltje.

Willem and Fija (actually Sophia) had a lot of children, most who died, but three survived to adulthood: Jan (John), Gerrit, and Jannigje. John married Magteltje Huisman, as you can see from this record of their marriage:

John and Magteltje had three children:  Sophia, William, and Richard. Richard Ooms is the grocer.

Adam and Nellie had a son named Johannes (John). John married Johanna Van Mijnen, and one of their sons is Adam Ooms the grocer.

Here’s a little schematic to show the entire connection:

I do have birth dates that match as well, but I tried to make this blog post as interesting and concise as possible.

Long story short, the records I have verified show that there is a connection, and Adam and Richard appear to be third cousins. Why anyone said the families were not connected is a mystery to me because it’s very obvious!

Adam Ooms and Richard Ooms

Thanks for reading!

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