Freedom Fighter?

I’m still working on the lineage of Cornelius Kros and Lena Slagboom and found an interesting connection to a man named Andreas Hofer, an Austrian freedom fighter who fought against Napoleon.

Source: Wikipedia

By the way, I don’t always trust Wikipedia, but am just including the link for some interesting background information on him.

“Supposedly”, the Dutch family by the name of Hofer in the Netherlands claimed to be related to this man, and my connection is to that Hofer family. Whether or not this is actually true remains to be seen, as I would have to work on that to completely confirm it, but I have too much work right now to do on family lines. But it is very intriguing, and is set out in this blog, which I found purely by accident when I was doing a Google search for Martinus Theodorus Slijper and Adriana Kros.

Adriana Kros was a daughter of Cornelius and Lena (Slagboom) Kros, she is the sister of my great grandfather, John Kros. Anyways, she was born on April 9, 1868 in Sliedrecht in the Netherlands and when she was 24 years old, married Martinus on September 28, 1892 in Bloemendaal, Netherlands.

They proceeded to have a few children, among them a son named Kornelis Kros, born on May 8, 1897 in Haarlem. Kornelis eventually married a young woman by the name of Alberdina (Dien) Hofer on August 17, 1922 in Haarlem. All of these dates and connections were confirmed through WieWasWie, which is a registry of all births, marriages and deaths in the Netherlands.

Alberdina is where the connection comes in to the Dutch Hofer family, and I haven’t had time yet to go back and figure that out. But it sure would be interesting if we had a freedom fighter who fought against Napoleon, especially considering all that is going on right now in our country! 

Thanks for reading!!

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