Wednesday’s Child – Aaltje Dekker

I was cleaning a closet recently and found a binder of all of the tombstone pictures I took when my father and I visited cemeteries – oh, maybe thirty or so years ago????  Even though there are a lot of tombstone photos on Find a Grave, I’m glad I found the binder.

Today’s tombstone is from Mt. Greenwood Cemetery and for a little girl, Aaltje Dekker. She was the child of Abram and Henrietta (Vinke) Dekker. Abram was one of the sons of Arie and Aaltje (Schoon) Dekker, my paternal great-grandparents, and I assume she was named after her grandmother. Aaltje was born on July 12, 1888 and died on October 1, 1889. Such a short life… 

The tombstone is quite ornate, with Dutch writing on it, but I can’t decipher what it says except below her name are her birth and death dates. This is why I’m glad I found my tombstone photos because of what it looks like now:

Source: Glen H. DeYoung

Thanks for reading!

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