Lena (Slagboom) Kros

I was cleaning out my desk at home and found this photo of my paternal great-great grandmother, Lena (Slagboom) Kros. I completely forgot that I had had this photo and my father doesn’t remember it. It has my young handwriting on it so I know it’s been sitting in that desk drawer for decades and definitely remember it. We have no idea where I got it from – Lena is on the right, but we have no idea who the other woman in the photo is, I’m guessing a daughter.

The only information I have on Lena is that she was born on April 23, 1835 in Sliedreght, Netherlands, to Jan and Arjaantje (Hartog) Slagboom. She had five siblings named Jan, Maria, Fijgje, Flori, and Maria. She married Cornelis Kros on May 10, 1862 in the same village. They had a total of ten children, some who died young (that’s why you’ll see repeating names):  Adriana, Arie, John (my great grandfather), Adriana, Cornelis Kros, Jr., Lena, Jacob, Cornelia, Arie, Cornelia. My father believes that the logo on the back of the building behind them is the White Owl cigar company so it appears to be taken in the USA. Thanks Dad!

I cannot find death information for Lena anywhere at all, but I know she passed away before 1910 because her husband died that year and is listed as a widower. When he died, his street was listed as 10925 State Street, which is in Roseland.

Still looks to be in good shape. The building is now listed as a condo, with two floors, and was built in 1895.

I would sure love to solve the mystery of when and where Lena died. She looks to be quite old in the photo, so I’m assuming she passed away in Roseland, however, there is no listing in Mt. Greenwood where Cornelis is buried, and no listing for a name even close to hers in the Cook County vital statistics records. I haven’t found any listing for her death even out of state.

Thanks for reading!

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