Ooms Genealogy

This is what did it — this made me a hardcore genealogist at the tender age of 16. I was a geek at heart and I’ve never looked back. Although I did take like a 25 year break while raising my children, forgive me, but I am back in the saddle again!

I remember when my father gave me this (thanks a million Dad!!). I believe someone on his aunt’s side had a professional genealogist research the Ooms/Sluis lines. A lot of this information is online now but I have kept the original of this for the sheer memory of it. Although my purpose for this blog is to not just provide names and dates, but more personal information, or at least more comprehensive histories, however, I can do that – but everytime I look at it, it gives me goosebumps. I had never gotten anything like it and was so thrilled to have it. This page wasn’t even all of it, someone actually had traced the Ooms line back to the 1600s!  And now I have just discovered a blog by a John Ooms in Holland which traces the Ooms line at- John Ooms.nl (you’ll need to translate the website through Google Translate). Cornelius Jansz. Ooms and Meijnsje Verduijn are my great-great-great-great-great grandparents on my father’s side.

Discoveries like this are thrilling to me, and I am so happy my oldest daughter has the bug too! From my father, to me, and to my daughter, the information will never disappear.

3 thoughts on “Ooms Genealogy

  1. Thank you Kari. We find this all very interesting. I am Bob Yff son of Nick and Agnes(Ooms) Yff. I haven’t seen your dad for many years. Please give him greetings from me. Thanks, Bob Yff

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      1. Also please feel free to email me/share any information or photos that you may have, I’d be glad to add to my information and also post too.


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