Anna Conner

I don’t have very much information on the very short life of my maternal great-great grandmother, Anna Conner. What I’ve mentioned on this blog is that she died very young, leaving four young children and a husband that was not able to keep the family together.

According to the only census with information available on her, the 1900 census, Anna’s birth date is listed as April 1872 and that she was born in Germany. Her parents were also born in Germany and she emigrated to America in 1890 when she was 18 years old. She and her husband, Charles, married in 1892 and at the time of the census, they were living at 3 Park Avenue in Chicago, in house number 2541. Charles’ occupation at that time was listed as blacksmith. They had four children: Bertha, 6; Harry, 4, Arther, 3; and Edward, 11 months.

On a couple of Ancestry personal family trees of members, Anna is listed as Clara Anna Schadel, born in Germany in April 1872, the daughter of Carl Gotthilf and Charlotte Wilhelmine Schade. However, according to German birth records on Ancestry, Clara Anna Pauline Schadel, born in April 1872 and the daughter of these same parents died in August that same year. I don’t believe our Anna’s parents were actually Carl and Charlotte and the information in those family trees are most likely incorrect. This will take more work to figure out and I have only busted half of my brick wall with this part of the family.

I emailed with someone who maintains one of those family trees who happens to be related to one of the sons, Harry. She believes that after his mother died, her Uncle Harry was left in Mansfield, Ohio with a foster family. I did not mention the error, however, it is always so important to check and verify sources.

Sadly, Anna was only 31 years old when she died on October 20, 1903. According to her death certificate, she died of an antepartum hemorrhage while pregnant with her fifth child, who also died. She was buried in “Oclanland” in Dolton, which I believes means Oakland. I’m including a photo of the death certificate here as it does not show any sensitive information.

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