Military Monday — Edward “Red” Schoudel

Here’s our military man this week!!  Edward “Red” Schoudel, he was very funny and sweet. What an important part in helping us win World War II, and we all so appreciate that. This is from an original news clipping I found in my grandmother’s things – in mint shape as if it was just clipped yesterday. He was the brother of my grandmother, Madeline Schoudel Bass.

Uncle Eddie was born on July 28, 1918 in Waterloo, Indiana to Edward Ambrose Schoudel and Victoria Margaretha Winarski. According to this clipping (date unknown), he enlisted in the Army on July 14, 1941 and was somewhere in Northern Ireland at that time.

My cousin told me her father landed on Utah Beach. He was injured in France and had shrapnel in his back for the rest of his life and doctors could not remove it because it was too close to the spine – something I never ever knew!

I did some further digging on Ancestry and found his draft card – he registered for the draft on October 16, 1940 when he was only 22 years old. At that time he was single and living in Chicago, working as a salesman at the Art Cream Whip Company, Inc. 

After the war, my Uncle Eddie married my Aunt Eileen (Eileen Veronica Thullen), who was born on April 21, 1923. They were married until he passed away on May 11, 1993.

Thank you so much Uncle Eddie for your very brave service to our country!!

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