Very sad post

My cousin, Linda Duca, passed away Friday night. She was only 62 years old and died of advanced liver cancer, diagnosed in late September. She was loving, crazy funny, goofy, and the best cousin — I still cannot believe she’s gone. She leaves two sweet young boys, Jonathan and Matthew, and my heart breaks for them. She is with her mother now, my Aunt Dee.

Linda was in lockstep with her illness  with my brother-in-law all the way, Mark Osier, who was diagnosed with metatastic melanoma just two days after Christmas. He leaves his wife, Donna, and two sweet young boys as well, Chris and Eric, and grandson Logan. Every time one got worse, the other became worse the very next day or two days later. It was eerie and heartbreaking.

The only thing that keeps popping into my head is a quote from Star Wars — I was never really a Star Wars fan except for the last three movies:  “No one is ever really gone”.  It’s true, our memories will keep our loved ones alive.

We will see our loved ones again one day.

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