Wednesday Weddings

Last week I posted a photo of the wedding of my paternal grandparents. This week, I’m posting a photo from the wedding day of my maternal grandparents – William “Bill” Bass and Madeline “Madge” Schoudel Bishop. I like this photo so much too, it was taken outside in Roseland in 1941, my father believes behind Bill’s parents house at 114 S. Stewart. It was during the war years so big, fancy weddings weren’t common at that time. The interesting thing about this is I always thought their wedding anniversary was on October 18th (my father’s birthday so always easy to remember that date). The vital statistics records from Cook County have the date listed as October 15th.

This is also on my red wall, which is why it’s not perfectly straight, it’s a photo from me taking a picture from my cell phone, as the real photo is anchored on the wall. My grandfather was only 22, and my grandmother was 30, a widow with a very young daughter.

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