Military Monday – Revolutionary War: John Conner

Revolutionary War pension files are a treasure trove of information. However, the handwriting can be difficult to decipher. But instead of showing a photo from that, this is a confirmation letter for a later family member trying to very military information on John Conner. The letter confirms that John Conner was a private during the Revolutionary War in the 4th Regiment of the Massachusetts line, commanded by Colonel Shepard. John entered the war in the spring of 1777 until being discharged in May or June of 1773. According to the Revolutionary War blog at, Massachusetts line troops were involved in most of the major battles north of the Chesapeake Bay. The battles he would have been a part of were the Battle of Saratoga, the Battle of Monmouth, and the Battle of Rhode Island.

John Conner was the father of Samuel Conner. Samuel married Lydia, and they had two children, Charles and Lydia. Charles married Mary Dorwart and they had eight children, one of whom was Charles W. Conner. He married Anna Schadel, and one of their children, Bertha Conner, was my great-grandmother on my mother’s side.

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