Barend Van Mynen

I’m looking at an obituary for Barend Van Mynen (the Dutch spelling was Van Mijnen). I have hung onto this for years and have no idea where it came from. It’s more of a biographical sketch than an obituary and I’m fortunate to have it. I noted some discrepancies between the obituary and other resources, but the obituary gives an interesting look at his life.

Barend was my great-great-great grandfather on my father’s side. According to birth records, he was born in Woubrugge in the southern part of Holland on November 22, 1804 to Arie Van Mijnen and Hendrica Visch. He married Jannetje Van Egtelt on March 3, 1826 and they had five children. On June 15, 1839, Jannetje died in Holland and not long after, he married his second wife, Aagje Kroon. They had five children: Arie, Trijntje, Johanna (my great-great grandmother), Hendrika, and Martina.

The family came to our country on June 26, 1856 and settled in Roseland. Barend was a carpenter and butcher. In the fall, he went from farm to farm killing hogs for winter meat, and when those months passed and when the warmer season came, he made wooden shoes.

On March 10, 1866, Aggje passed away and Barend was left a widow again. However, in 1871, he married again at the age of 67, to Geesje Tuensma, and they were married until his death twenty-two years later.

He was an elder of the First Reformed Church in Roseland for more than thirty years. In the absence of the minister, he could read the sermon and conduct services in an able manner.

Source:  Glen DeYoung/Find a Grave

Barend died at the age of 89 on December 4, 1893.

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