Tuesday Tales — A Tale of Two Tons

Tons were a common name and big family in Roseland and other Dutch areas. Jan (John) Ton came from the Netherlands and was an abolitionist and a big part in establishing a link in the Roseland area to the Underground Railroad (more about that in a future post). He came from a large family and over the years there have been large Ton family reunions. According to numerous sources, seven of his siblings also came to the United States. I always knew a Ton married into my mother’s side of the family, and it was one of John Ton’s brothers, Jacob Ton — but last week I was shocked to find another brother married into my father’s side of the family, Cornelis (Cornelius) Ton. I’ve had alot of practice from a former boss in creating schematics so I thought I would put that skill to good use to show what I mean:

My great-great grandmother on my father’s side (Aaltje Schoon) had a sister who married Cornelius Ton and their family eventually ended up in Lansing, Illinois. His brother, Jacob Ton, married Jannetje Baas (Jane Bass) after his first wife died. Jannetje was the sister of my great-great grandfather (Peter Bass) on my mother’s side.

So from what I can tell, my parents aren’t really related but there are indirect connections through marriages — yowza and whew!!! But when reading through genealogy posts from other people on one of my Facebook pages it is very common and many people there have very, very close connections in their families, first or second cousin close. Eh, we’re all really related to each other anyway.

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