Wordless Wednesday — Winarski

This is a two for one but not really a photo Wordless Wednesday. One of the toughest lines I have been researching is the Winarski line, my maternal grandmother’s mother’s line. Well thanks to Ancestry’s newspaper database, $5.95, and a search for the name “Frank Winarski”, I was super thrilled to find a couple of obituaries in “The Menasha Record”, a newspaper in Menasha, Wisconsin.

The first obituary is for Julia Winarski, Frank Winarski’s wife, who died on August 22, 1929 and lived in Menasha. The obituary does not even mention her first name, which irritated me but times were very different back then.

The second is of Frank, who died on October 19, 1935. It mentions he was a pioneer of the fifth ward in Menasha. Unless it is a mistake, Frank must have remarried since it says his wife survived him and Julia died 6 years before.

One of Frank and Julia’s daughters was Margaret Winarski, who married Edward Schoudel, and who is the mother of my maternal grandmother, Madeline (Schoudel) Bass. The information in these obituaries have certainly given me more avenues to research!

Notice the Schoudel name is mistakenly spelled differently in each obituary, Shoerdel and Shoudell. How many different ways has that name been spelled?

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