Tombstone Tuesday- Martha Shoudel

Today’s tombstone belongs to Martha Shoudel, my great-great grandmother on my mother’s side, who is buried at St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Cemetery in Waterloo, Indiana. I am having difficulty finding verification sources for Martha under her maiden name to try to get further on her line. Her name has been listed as Garr, however my belief is it is in fact Carr. If I look closer at the tombstone, I cannot verify if the letter is a C or a G, it could go both ways, although I’m leaning toward it being a C. I still have to research further but do have some fairly solid resources that confirm the name is Carr. Martha was married to Balthazar Shoudel, the son of John Matthias Shoudel (an earlier Tombstone Tuesday participant).

The tombstone is in fairly good shape for being 128 years old (thank you to L Mafera through Find a Grave for the photos)!!

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