Tombstone Tuesday – John Mathias Shoudel

This tombstone is where John Mathias Shoudel is buried in Waterloo, Indiana (thank you to Scott Bowmar for the photo and information on Find a Grave). In the near future, I will be posting more information about John Mathias but what’s interesting about this is the various ways the surname has changed. My maternal grandmother changed her maiden name of Shoudel to Schoudel, and all of my cousins have always spelled it as Schoudel. Now this is the first time I have seen it spelled “Schaudel”, it appears that is the way it is spelled on the tombstone. I was thinking it should be spelled Shoudel as various records for him have his name as Shoudel. For instance, in land ownership records for him for the Township of Smithfield in DeKalb County, Indiana, the name is spelled Shoudel. The 1880 census records also spell his name as Shoudel (although sometimes census records have been incorrect). I haven’t been able to confirm yet but have seen a family tree online that shows his father spelled the last name as Schaudel. Since John Mathias emigrated to America from Germany, I am guessing it may be the original German spelling. His first name is listed as Johann, which I’m also guessing is his German birth name. More research to do!

How am I connected to him? He is my maternal great-great-great grandfather. He was married to Magdalene Miller and one of their sons, Baltzis Shoudel married Martha Carr; one of their sons was Edward Ambrose Schoudel (again notice the name change here, which is why my cousins spell it that way I’m sure); Edward married Margaret Winarski and their daughter, Madeline Cecilia Schoudel, is my maternal grandmother. My grandmother was really big on changing names, she changed her name from Magdalena Sophia Shoudel to Madeline Cecilia Schoudel.

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